Why place an advert on ‘COOEEads’
COOEEads is a job advertising and information website and weekly email that is sent to more than 8500 people across Australia and overseas with a specific interest in jobs that help people to experience, learn about or protect biodiversity and/or natural areas.

An advert placed on ‘COOEEads’ will provide you with direct access to a pool of potential employees already working in, or seeking work in outdoor education/recreation, interpretive communication/environmental education  and park management/conservation fields in Australia or New Zealand. And as a result, is more efficient and less costly than other conventional advertising means.

Types of adverts accepted
Adverts for job vacancies, consultancies, tenders, scholarships, grants and the like offering financial reward in the outdoor education/recreation, interpretive communication/environmental education and park management/conservation fields are welcomed. Adverts for Conferences, workshops and training opportunities in these areas can also be placed on ‘COOEEads’. Adverts placed on COOEEads are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Advertisement rates are $132 per advert (includes GST). However, discounts apply to first time advertisers, regular customers and for multiple adverts placed at any one time. To view a full list of our advertisement rates click here.

Adverts will normally appear on our website until one day after the vacancy closing date or for a period of one month (ie. 30 days). Adverts posted to our website are also sent out in our weekly jobs newsletter to subscribers on Wednesdays. People who have subscribed by using RSS Feeds and ‘live bookmarks’ will be notified as soon as your advert is posted to our site.

A tax invoice will be forwarded electronically at the end of the first week of advertising.

Adverts should be 300 – 450 words or less (header information excluded) and be set out as suggested below. (To see how your job will appear on our website peruse the jobs already listed). Editing and formating is provided free of charge for longer adverts. An organisation logo can be included with the advert.

Header information
Job title & Job location (Town, State)
Name of Organisation
Salary range (Optional)
Term of employment (eg. permanent/short term contract position)(Optional)
Vacancy reference number (if applicable)

Advert body
1. Brief description of job role
2. Key duties – outline/list of key duties
3. Key Selection Criteria – list of key selection criteria
4. Details of how/where to obtain full position description (if applicable). And any other information that potential applicants may need to know up front (eg. police check required, applications remain current for 12 months, etc)
5. Details of who the contact person is for the position
6. Where/how applications should be sent
7. Application closing date.

How to submit your advert to us
Please email your advert(s) to advertising@cooeeads.com.au . Adverts are posted to our website as soon as practical after their receipt. We prefer adverts to be sent in the body of an email, however Microsoft Word and PDF attachments are okay.

If you have any questions about advertising on COOEEads, contact Danny by email: advertising@cooeeads.com.au , or by phone on: 0407 571 402.