Our facilitation crew lead groups on camp, guiding young people through our experiential education programs and create an environment within the group where participants feel safe and supported. Whether it’s running Challenge Ropes at our hardtop camp, or leading a hike on our Journey programs, below you will find a detailed list of what is involved in being a facilitator.

Roles and Responsibilities
Non- Delivery

  • Preparation for Camp or Journeys
  • Various Project from time to time
  • Occasional secondment to other camps or activity providers for development or camp community assistance

These programs relate to KFAC or JDP programs.

  • Guide young people through our experiential education programs and build engagement around behavioural development.
  • Lead and facilitate experiential programs with a focus on delivering the KFAC Metaprogram in an outdoor setting while minimising risks.
  • Motivated to drive continuous development of your leadership and skills, to promote self-development and wellbeing, resolve conflicts, and create a positive group experience.
  • Committed to fostering an environment to create wellbeing within individuals, and their group.
  • Actively work towards KFAC/JDP purpose, goals and strategy, embracing ownership of their group leadership facilitating role.
  • Take initiative and hold a team mind-set, aiding others and seeking help when needed.
  • Foster strong relationships with participating external stakeholders on programs including school and organisation staff members.


  • Have strong intentions to help make the organisation successful, no matter what role they have

We’re eager to hear from you as we gear up for our busy season of camps in term 3 & 4. Starting the conversation now will pave the way for you to kickstart your development journey with us. Don’t miss out on the chance to begin with an observation opportunity right away!

Apply Now!

As well as looking for the right people to join our casual facilitation roles we have opportunities to fill our Experience Coordinator roles for term 3 & 4. See Descriptions here: https://www.journeydp.com.au/jobs.

Applications close when suitable candidates has been recruited.